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Financial Clean Up/Catch Up

Life moves fast and it is easy to get behind with your bookkeeping.

Playing catch up is never fun, but it’s definitely needed to operate a successful business.

Our experts provide judgement-free financial clean up to get you back on track. It doesn’t matter how far back you need to go, how many transactions or how complicated your situation may be; our team isn’t intimidated by these projects and will do what it takes to update your financials and move you forward.

Our team can do a financial clean up of:

  • Comprehensive financial review of prior years

  • Accept and categorize all outstanding cash and credit card transactions

  • Reconcile all cash accounts to bank statements

  • Untangle business and personal expenses

  • If needed, reconcile assets and liabilities to the prior year’s tax return

  • If needed, assist in mapping/setup of payroll

  • If needed, help build up an AP and AR process

As you can hopefully see, there’s no such thing as books that are too messy for us to handle. Reach out today!

Schedule your hassle-free consultation today to learn what we can do for you.

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